Meet the Gallery Director

With a background in art history and education, Wade Buchanan has been at the helm of the international art scene for nearly a decade. He has curated over 200 exhibitions in 12 different countries and has collaborated with more than 2,500 visual talents worldwide. Honing the discipline found growing up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm, Wade has garnered previous success in newspaper publishing as well as serving as marketing director for a retail chain. He has organized art events for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Walt Disney Animation, DreamWorks, Universal Studios Hollywood, CBS, and Warner Bros Entertainment among others. His most current gallery project, CAROUSEL, strives to make art approachable to the general public by inviting artists to contribute work that is inspired by popular culture and media. CAROUSEL is a platform where artists can share their personal and professional projects with a growing community of art lovers.

Contact Wade via email at wade (at) carouselartgallery (dot) com

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